ArthurBear Token Lucky Draw! Win a Brand New Ford Mustang Mach E – USD 55,000 Worth of Prize

We are excited to announce that we are giving away a Brand New Ford Mustang Mach E, valued at over USD 55,000, for our ArthurBear Token Lucky Draw! ArthurBear Token holders who bought at least 10,000 Tokens have the chance to win a brand new Brand New Ford Mustang Mach E.


How can I participate?

1. Join our Telegram Channel and introduce yourself

2. BUY at least 10,000 $ARTHUR Tokens and get 1 chance to win: buy from HERE

Note: Every participant must have in their wallet at least 10,000 $ARTHUR Tokens when the price will reach 0.25$ to be eligible for the draw

Where I can buy?

Contract: 0x2e525838A44f703De7bDADd6Ab57159F2687D95


Useful links:

TG Official Group: