ArthurBear On Mars Airdrop is Live!

Arthur is a Token with a smart contract deployed on Binance Smart Chain. Moreover, 14.5% of the deposit tokens on our platform will be used for charity for Non Profit Organization to protect the wild animals. Our donations will have proof of donation and will be trackable by users.

Step-by-step guide:

1. Join our Official Telegram Community
2. Follow ArthurBear on Twitter
3. Follow us on Instagram
4. Like & Follow us on Facebook
5. Follow on Medium and clap our articles
6. Play the game Moon Rover On our Telegram channel and score at least 10 points!

At the end you must join the FORM to be eligible for get the prize.

First 100 Bears with the bigest score in Moon Rover game from our telegram channel will share a prize of $100.000 Arthur Tokens.

Good Luck!